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Interesting QQ boba Jelly

Our company is introducing QQ boba Jelly and we were like; what's that!

So it's a jelly! some said; only to shapes ball size. It's cooked tapioca! some said.

The answer is yes and no, it's the unique texture of both. So the office staff eagerly waited for the 1st shipment and it's finally here~

So there you go, we have it here, swing by for the quick peek if you are interested.

20160607_154632  20160609_140947



New Waffle Powder

At Qbubble, we are always keeping an eye out on new products that we think our customers will enjoy, which is how we came up with the QQ waffle. Unlike the traditional buttery and doughy waffles that people eat during breakfast time, our new powder mixture makes a completely different style of waffles that are…
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